Sleep is sometimes an issue for me. The problem is cyclical, as it is connected to my Bipolar issues, and is also partly caused by my medications. My Depakote makes me really tired. I’m definitely not an energetic person.

Lately I feel so frustrated by the amount I sleep. I want to be awake more hours to spend more time with my daughter, and to have more hours to get stuff done around the house. More hours to read, more hours to write, more hours to visit with family – all of that would be amazing. So often I sleep through my alarm, and if I don’t set an alarm I’ll often sleep til 1 pm. Needless to say I use an alarm.

Sleep is hard with Bipolar because if you don’t get enough sleep you have mood swings, and so it is often not a good idea to get up if you’re still really tired. But I need more time awake. I am going to have to push my luck. I feel like I am sleeping through my life.

I’m going to use several alarm apps and try to start getting up by 8. It will be a gradual process, as I average 9:45, but I want to do it. I want to start waking up early to maximize my day, and hopefully as I wake up earlier I’ll also start falling asleep earlier. Lately I’ve had some issues with insomnia.

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