Journaling, Virginia, Diet

I have been neglecting my darling little blog because I have gotten so invested in paper journaling. Currently I keep one journal to record my daily mood, what I’m reading, a prayer, what I’m grateful for, and my goals for the day. I then write a diary entry in that journal. Then I have a productivity journal where I keep track of other goals for the day and the amount of time it takes me to achieve them, and I track my weekly goals in there as well. Then I have a journal that I am writing my hand written poetry in. I still write a lot of poetry on my phone, but I decided that it opened up different avenues of creativity in my mind to do some of my writing by hand. I have yet another Journal where I write what the Word has said to my spirit. I have been practicing Lectio Divina. After I spend time letting the Living Word of God speak to me, I write down what I have learned and reflect.

So I am keeping four journals and I just bought another so I might start writing more. I just haven’t decided what to write about. I have become rather obsessed with the handwritten. This is kind of ironic since I have such abnormally terrible handwriting. I’ve really been making an effort to improve it though, or if I can’t improve it to at least write slow enough that what I write is legible.

I need to get back into blogging though. I really love my little corner of the internet and I need to post more poetry and snippets of my daily life.

On Wednesday, in the dark hours of the morning, Angelica and I will be flying to Virginia to visit my parents in Virginia Beach. Hopefully my sister will be able to come down from Richmond to spend some time with us as well. We will be there for 2 weeks. It’s definitely exciting, as we have not seen them since we moved here at the end of February. It will be so nice to go to the beach with my mom and the movies with my dad. Angelica is super excited. I just hope she handles the traveling well. She has never flown before. And I am somewhat apprehensive about flying on my own with a child. Craig cannot go on this trip.

I will really miss Craig. I never go anywhere without him. He is my best friend. It will be hard to not see him for 2 weeks. Of course with deployment I have gone 7 months without seeing him, but once he’s home I very quickly get used to having him around. Being apart for any reason is always an adjustment. But I still can’t wait to go see my family.

I don’t want to jinx it, and if I don’t want to lose my progress I’m going to have to be extremely strict on this visit with my family, but I have been on a diet for about 2 months. Maybe a little less. And I have lost 30 lbs. I really want to keep it up. And despite getting by on much less food than I usually do I still have energy and I feel pretty good.

I just got some new poetry and some new science fiction, so I have a lot of great stuff to read. I have a couple of more books in the mail but they are sold by third-party sellers so I’m not sure when I will get them. Hopefully tomorrow, as I would like a full range of choices as to what book to bring on the trip. I doubt I’ll have very much time where I want to sit down and read since I’ll be doing a lot with my family, but I do like to unwind with a good book in the evening sometimes. Well, all the time.

Today I got a new Bible in the mail. I ordered it to have a Bible to bring on the trip. I have a beautiful rainbow Bible that will always be my favorite, but it’s so special to me that I don’t want to risk it getting damaged by traveling with it, and besides that it’s kind of big and I was hoping for something smaller. But I must have misread the website because I thought that this new Bible would be much smaller than it is. It’s a really nice Bible with commentary in it for women and all sorts of notes at the bottom giving information about different things. I’ve been perusing it today and I like it. But it is definitely not any smaller to bring on the trip. If I can somehow fit it into our cramped suitcase or our cramped backpack I will. I really want to have a Bible with me and my rainbow Bible is just too special, and I like this women’s Bible too. But it is just not that small. I’ll have to see what I can do. Maybe I’ll have to bring one of my little devotionals instead. They do have Bible verses and interesting commentary. I ordered this Bible though for the trip, so I hope I can fit it.

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