My Friend Lucy – Light Therapy for Mood Disorders

I’ve been spending a lot of time the past few days with Lucy. Lucy is my Daylight Box. My mood has been unstable, and frequently low, the past several days. On Sunday morning I felt really low, and I started rereading one of my Bipolar books for ideas on how to ward off the depression I was slipping into. It mentioned light exposure and BAM! I remembered LUCY! She is my darling little box of light that lifts my mood. I used to sit in front of her regularly for many months at our old house, but since moving out here in late winter/early spring, Lucy has been packed away and lost among so many things. I decided to go looking for her, and found her in the closet under the stairs with the Christmas decorations and my old instruments. Poor Lucy! So I brought Lucy upstairs to my craft room/office/library spill over room and moved my desk so I could slip the cord down through the gap by the wall and plug Lucy in. Moving that desk so much as a millimeter was no easy job. Since I got her all set up, I’ve been spending twenty minutes to more than an hour a day, about 18 inches from her light, reading and creating. It is helping. I am getting more stable, and while depression is still an issue, I’m not free falling like I was starting to do. My light box gives me a lift in my mood. Basically, she is not a cure all, but she really can help.  I still need meds, plenty of sleep, some light exercise, and family support. But light therapy gives me that extra boost I need sometimes to avoid serious problems.

Light therapy can make a world of difference when you have Bipolar. Light therapy can lessen depression, and in the winter it can help prevent seasonal affective issues. Below is a link where you can buy this light box yourself. I AM NOT AN AMAZON AFFILIATE AND I WILL NOT MAKE A DIME! I am recommending this light therapy box because it is helping me so much, and has helped me a lot in the past. Medication often isn’t enough, though it is necessary. This supplement of light (the right kind of light. Not all light is beneficial for mood. You need white light) can be crucial for treating unipolar or Bipolar depression. Light therapy is a great tool for any treatment plan. I went from being depressed to the point of having difficulty completing simple tasks, to being functional and making use of my time. I’ll say this once more for the people in the back – light therapy is not a cure. It is supplementary. You still need meds. And just like your meds don’t always work all the way, sometimes light therapy may not help you as much as you’d hope. But sometimes the effects of light therapy are amazing and can make all the difference in the world, especially if you catch your depressive episode early. In my experience, light therapy always helps me feel better and function more. Sometimes it helps more than other times, but it always aids me in staying functional and making my life livable when it otherwise would not be.

Careless Skin, Uncivil Eyes

My hair is easy to please –

Satiated with soft careless skin

And uncivil eyes.


The ships on the river

Corrected correction.


Love goes with you.


Your hands glaze me with pride,

a good disease.

Your teeth write me in anger ­­-


Your kiss a knife in another dialect.

In the river,

The dead wash themselves among the stones.


Your pretty lips alight on my breasts


Your hand is on my belly,

taking my soul away.


Between the rippling river reeds,

A timeless photograph

of vice and virtue.