I Am Almost Back!

I have missed blogging so much! I’ve had some scheduled posts go up, but I haven’t been doing fresh posts for a few weeks. Part of it is certainly that I’ve been crazy busy. We took a wonderful four day trip to see my Uncle Jerry in New Mexico. I did not feel well, but really enjoyed seeing him. I have missed him since he came to Colorado Springs to visit us last May. My uncle has a lot of beautiful land in the heart of an Indian reservation, and he has built his house himself one step at a time. It is an amazing place. He has benches throughout the property and beautiful rocks to climb. The sunset views are remarkable.

I have also had doctor appointments. I’m back to seeing a podiatrist, and I also got an MRI done last week. Friday I go in to see the results. I see an orthopedic surgeon in the next week or so. I’ve also had several psych appointments over the past few weeks. Bipolar issues have been bad. We have had lots of other family activities, and a lot of days where I haven’t moved much. I did manage to take Angelica to church by myself on Sunday. Craig wasn’t able to go because he was sleeping in after a mid shift. Gratitude is the only way to describe what I felt. I sometimes struggle to get through a service when I’m not alone. Doing it alone – and bringing my little person with me, was daunting. I also got the UMW newsletter created and ran and folded the copies at church. Craig helped with making the copies. I’ve done it myself once before, and it is my job. But my anxiety was high and my mood was low, so I was grateful for the company.

The past few weeks I’ve gotten a bunch of photographs, which I only just loaded onto my computer and then on to my phone the other night for editing.

For the past few days I’ve had a lovely experience. Something bit my ring finger. It swelled so bad on one side immediately that I didn’t have the option to get my rings off in a hurry. Then the swelling spread to the other side of the lower section of my finger, then even to the underside. The swelling then advanced over my knuckle, and into the next part of my finger to the fingertip.  I used benedryl cream and the pills for two days and it got worse instead of better. I tried hot and cold water. Craig tried the string method to get the rings off and I ended up down on my knees screaming. I finally went to urgent care and they said they needed to cut my rings off. I love my wrings. They are the most sentimental things I own. And they are expensive to boot. So I gave a firm no. They agreed to try me on a high dose of steroids instead. So far so good! I finally got my rings off this afternoon. The finger is still swollen, but the rings aren’t there to cut into me anymore, and I can move my finger freely too.

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