Creative Goals For the Week

  1. Get the poems I have on my computer up here on the blog.
  2. Write more poems, and ask Craig to type the poems I have already written since he last typed poems for me.
  3. Work with more mixed media in my paintings. Bubble wrap, coffee filters, lace, thread, straws, random materials.
  4. Do some abstract digital collage. Try to include text.
  5. Finish my book of contemporary Mexican poetry.
  6. Break out my good camera and get some good outdoor photos.
  7. Use my good camera to get some still life photos in the house. With surgery coming up, I need to get used to working with what I have in the house. I need to keep things kind of staged and see if there is anything I can do.

Starting 2019

The new year is here. I hope it will be a good one. A big focus for me in 2019 will be reading. I know that sounds silly since I read a fair bit anyway, but I want to make a conscious effort to dive in and really educate myself and stoke my imagination. How much can I learn this year?

Spending time with my husband is another major goal I have. I want to go on more dates. It isn’t that we don’t date; it is that we don’t date enough. Right now Craig is on a really awesome tour where he never deploys and seldom goes out of town. His hours allow him to be home with Angelica and I. I need to take advantage of this. His next tour could be a sea tour and he might be gone all the time. During the past few years before we came to Colorado I didn’t see Craig very much.

I want to rest and really focus on keeping my mental health strong. Bipolar is never easy, but by keeping my stress at a minimum, sleeping when I can, doing things that make me feel good, and asking for help when I need it, I can relieve some symptoms. When I am able to say yes to a social function I will, and when I feel like it is just too much I will say no. I do want to try and do more social things though. There are people I want to spend more time getting to know.

Welcome, 2019! I hope you will be good to me, and that I appreciate you. Time is such a gift.