Les Fleurs du Mal

This was my favorite volume of poetry in high school. I had read one of Baudelaire’s poems in my 10th grade honors English class, and when I saw an entire collection of his poems at Barnes & Noble one night I just had to buy it. At the time I was not supposed to be spending any money on books, but I went ahead and bought the book. I snuck it into the house and then for a very long time I kept it hidden under the clothes in my dresser. I would wait till everybody had gone to bed and sit by the dim light and read Baudelaire’s poetry.

Alcohol Ink Experiment

Today I am trying something new. I covered part of a canvas with white vinegar, and then dropped in alcohol inks. Maybe this is a popular method. I am not sure. But I have never tried it. The colors fanned out beautifully. I was really pleased. Next I want to try this method with other kinds of paint or art supplies. Then I want to try using substrates like honey and hydrogen peroxide. Toothpaste might be something fun to use too. I don’t know if it will have a big effect or not, but it would be nice to use.