Hi! Thanks for visiting 🙂 My name is Marie. I’m a Christian, wife, mother, writer, color enthusiast, and Bipolar sufferer. I am glad you are here.

I love meeting new people, so comments are always welcome! And if you have a blog and you are  commenting, feel free to leave a blog link in the comment as well. I would love to visit your corner of the web.

I post much of my poetry here. Some of the work is in the rough draft stage, and some of it has been revised many times. I love feedback, and I appreciate anyone who reads my poems. This is my poetry archive. By posting them here, I know I’ll never lose them. I’ve lost so many phone and computer poems before!

My family has just begun our homeschooling journey. My daughter, Angelica, is in Kindergarten. I’ll be writing about our experiences.

This blog is a diary of my life with my family, my walk in the Christian faith, my struggles with Bipolar 1, and my passions as a lifelong learner. I love creating, reading, and studying. Research makes me happy. Painting gives me joy. I scrapbook too, although I don’t do anything fancy. I love to take and edit photos on my phone.